Let us build your website so you can focus on building your business, creating your portfolio, running your organization, and pursuing your passion.

we'll build you one that reflects your brand, meets your needs and gets you online and on the go.

Web design package

our design process begins with understanding your brand equity and determining the site functionality you want.

we'll sit down with you to articulate your vision, and pin down the look and features you want. and we'll take it from there.

our basic web package includes building your essential pages, and linking your site to social media platforms, email marketing services and site data analytics.

And because we understand that you're growing, it also includes updates and revisions so your site grows with you.

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  • what does the basic package include?

our basic package includes 6 web pages designed according to your brand equity and needs. We will also link your site to your facebook page, instagram and mailchimp accounts.

and because we know you're evolving, it also includes 3 updates on existing pages within the first 6 months.

  • what do i need to do to get my website built?

we'll give you a questionnaire to get your ideas going then we can sit down with you to understand your vision, articulate the form and look you want.

you'll also need to provide us with the text and artwork to include in your website. and we'll take it from there..

  • are there other costs aside from the basic package?

if you choose to build your site on free platforms, the basic package is all you need to get up and running. other services are available anytime as your needs change and grow.

  • i don't have a logo, artwork or copy. can i still build my site?

No worries. we can help you design your logo and artwork. We also have copywriting service - just jot down the key ideas and we'll compose the text content for you.

  • i don't have a domain. do i need one?

we can build your site on platforms that include free subdomains. if you decide to get your own later on, we offer domain purchase service and can help you buy your domain and renew it annually.

  • i have an existing domain. can I use that?

Yes, we can help you direct your existing domain to your new site.

  • my website is now online. how do i keep it current?

our basic package includes 3 updates on existing pages for 6 months. We also have page update service and can also build you additional pages as you need them.

alternatively, we offer 2-hour one-on-one tutorials to teach you how to do it on your own.

  • can i have a customized email with myname@mybusiness.com?

Our webhosting package includes 2 customized email accounts that you can use on the web or on your mobile phone.

if you have an existing domain, we have a separate email hosting service.

free website platforms don't usually include customized email accounts.

  • what is product clipping?

This means cutting out your product from the background of it's original photo. you're left with a floating image that's ready to use anywhere.

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